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ATI Radeon All in Wonder

The Card
  • 32MB DDR Memory
  • ATI Radeon Graphics Core
  • 166 MHz Memory and Core Clock
  • Svideo, Composite, and Coax video inputs
  • Svideo and Composite video outputs
  • AGP 4X/2X
  • Onboard TV Tuner


(+,-) $300USD

8½ / 10


With the recent scaleback of 3DFX there are three competitors left sanding in the video card arena. These being across two different video card areas, Matrox in the multimedia area with the G4xx series, and nVidia in the high performance area with the GeForce series. The ATI Radeon, launched back in early summer, was targeted at the high performance segment, but also contained above average TVIO capabilities. The powerful Radeon core combined with additional video capture and output abilities, a TV Tuner, and many other multimedia functions is what makes the Radeon All in Wonder

We have had ATI's latest All-in-Wonder card in the lab for a couple weeks now and frankly we were having so much fun with it we forgot to review it. This card includes everything except the kitchen sink and even comes close to that. The specifications list is nothing short of amazing; the number of features that the Radeon chip includes and the number of multimedia add-ons packed onto this card. We did have a few initial setup problems, but once over that hurdle the experience was quite good.

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The Board

Pixel Tapestry

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Hyper Z

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Test System

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Multimedia Examination


The Board


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