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Installing the All in Wonder is no great task, and is detailed quite well in the manual. Once installing the hardware, pop in the ATI driver CD and your on your way. We did run into a couple of problems at this point with our VIA KT133 based test system. The ATI GART drivers have compatibility problems with the VIA drivers, requiring the deletion of "ATIGART.EXE" from the ATI directory. That got us up and running 3d apps just fine, but we ran into more problems yet. After installing the ATI Multimedia Center the only video we could seem to capture was a green screen. A quick call to ATI and we were informed that we would need to re-install the Multimedia Center. What? We just installed it. Apparently the ATI installer has a bug which causes it to mess up registry entries for the video capture component of the card to function properly. Once reinstalling we managed to capture 2 video's before the symptoms returned, requiring yet another reinstall. On the third try everything went smoothly and the multimedia center has functioned correctly since. Although relativity minor bugs, it certainly causes us to question how mature ATI's drivers are.



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