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As we mentioned earlier, the All in Wonder uses the standard Radeon core designed for 183MHz coupled with 32MB of 6ns(166MHz) Samsung DDR Ram. Because ATI does not speed grade the Radeon GPU's, theoretically we should be able to attain a core overclock similar to any other Radeon product. Obviously the RAM is likely to be our overclocking limiter, holding us back from hitting those ultra high speeds DDR is known for.

Using EnTech's PowerStrip utility we cranked up the speed to see just how high the AiW would go. As we theorized, the AiW overclocks very similarly to most other Radeon products; we were able to operate at 200.3MHz without problems. Cranking it up another 3 Mhz caused minor artifacting, 205MHz caused major screen distortion.

Quake3 (High Quality)

Under Quake 3 the performance gains are quite evident, however fairly small in benchmarking numbers. We see close to a 7% increase in performance at both 1024x768 and 800x600, while only a 2.8% increase at 640x480. This would seem to confirm our earlier discussion about bandwidth limitations holding the Radeon back.



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