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In The Box

This is one of the few products which I've seen recently which actually uses all the space in the box. Included in the box is:


  • All-in-Wonder 32MB DDR Card
  • Svideo/Composite/Stereo input breakout box
  • DVI-I to VGA Convertor
  • 6ft Svideo cable
  • 6ft Composite cable
  • Svideo/Composite/Dolby output dongle
  • Driver CD with Gemstar GuidePlus
  • Ulead Video Studio 4.0
  • Digital Immersion Merlin VR
  • Matchware Mediator 5
  • Installation and Multimedia Center Manuals

Ulead Video Studio 4

MPRP ~$100

An entry to mid level video editing package. More designed for first time users than experienced users, but does offer good functionality. If you plan on doing any major video capturing, you will want to step up to a more advanced program like Adobe Premier as Ulead is not the most stable program. A great starting point for aspiring producers and a large benefit to the software package.



Digital Immersion Merlin VR

MSRP ~$130

Merlin VR is actually a quite powerful modeling program along the lines of 3D Studio Max and MetaCreations former products. Most 3 dimensional modeling programs only allow the user to view a wireframe or shaded model in real-time. Merlin allows the creator to view the entire scene fully rendered and textured in real time. Amazingly, it actually doesn't take a whole lot of CPU power to run, a P3 500 is quite adequate. I'm no 3D modeler, but after a quick 30 minute tutorial I was making some (emphasizing some) decent looking objects.


Matchware Mediator 5

MSRP ~$50

Mediator is a quite unique program, one may call it a presentation tool, a video editor, or a complete multimedia editing tool. In nutshell, it's a multimedia presentation tool suitable for everything from business presentations to electronic greeting cards. However it is geared more towards home users who want to create photo albums, or easy to create electronic greeting cards.


Gemstar GuideStar Plus

From the TV guide people comes a digital version. I was a little wary of a so-called "digital TV guide", I find it much easier to flip through the book than scroll through hundreds of stations on a screen. My uneasiness was completely put to rest when I fired GuideStar up, I would never go back to flipping pages anymore. Channel listings for your cable system are presented onscreen, and by clicking on a channel, the current programming is displayed in the upper left corner. But the best feature is the digital VCR capabilities. Highlight the programs you wish to record onscreen, hit record and your done. You can also setup regular programming to record, daily, weekly, monthly, etc. So I'll never miss another episode of Junkyard Wars again. :-)



Web Target PC


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