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Mad Onion's 3D Mark 2000


This number made my jaw drop. I'm still not sure why the score is so low. I repeated the benchmark four times and the results were always within one point of this score. I checked in the Matrox drivers and made sure that the performance enhancing features were enabled (they are by default). I suspect that the latest drivers aren't giving this card the best possible 3D Mark score like the latest drivers from nVidia does for their cards. 3D Mark is a synthetic benchmark and is a good benchmark for comparing your system performance to another's, but it simply doesn't show all the performance capable from a configuration like a game benchmark can. You can download 3D Mark 2000 here.

Quake 3 Arena

640 x 480
800 x 600
1280 x 1024
High Quality


Here, the resolutions are all separated. You can figure out where your gaming preferences fall. I usually play with a resolution of 1024x768 - but 1280x1024 strains a setup much more and really brings it to its knees. I have to say that Matrox has done a lot of work with how good their card displays textures and lighting effects. What became immediately apparent during testing and later when I played a couple of hours of Quake III is that the max usable resolution in the "Normal" setting is 800x600. Any more resolution or going into "High Quality" mode really crippled the performance. Hopefully the next drivers from Matrox will give us a noticable bump in performance.


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