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I was very impressed with the display quality of the Millennium G450 in Quake III so I decided to throw in a couple of screenshots. Keep in mind that this is essentially the G400 core that debuted over a year ago and you'll find yourself amazed at how ahead Matrox was with this core. The screenshots were taken in their original targa default mode at 800x600 then I shrank them down to 640x480 and made them clickable. Feel free to click on them to see the full size comparison.

Take a look at that sky. This is an awesome looking high quality sky in Quake III Arena. One thing that stands out though is the jaggies on the top of the wall. To get rid of them I would have had to run the resolution much higher - and suffer the performance drop that would have followed.

The ramp area in this map causes texture problems for every video card I've tried with it. With the exception of nVidia's latest GeForce2 based cards this is the best display of this ramp I've seen. The new Matrox drivers I downloaded are easily on par with nVidia for video quality. Here's something to notice in the above picture: look at the lighting that the two cross shaped lights are producing. The blending of the light into the surrounding textures is awesome - and the shadow effects produced by lights in Quake III is also something to see.



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