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Matrox DualHead 3rd Generation Drivers

It wasn't too long ago that I got a chance to review the Matrox Millennium G450 video card. I was blown away by the features and productivity enhancements that this card offered. Instead of adding enhancements to the gaming performance of the DualHead equipped cards Matrox has chosen to add even more productivity enhancers to them with the latest drivers.

First Impressions

Usually in this area I discuss my out of the box experiences with a product. When Matrox first contacted me they requested that a non-disclosure agreement be signed before I could view these drivers. A couple things have struck me about this. First, these drivers had to be offering some very unique features to have them covered by a non-disclosure agreement. Second, and most important, was that these drivers were in a near-final state of readiness. Anytime a company is willing to let you play with their drivers and post your opinions they know that very early alpha drivers won't impress.

So what are all these new features? I'll give it to you right from the press release I received via e-mail:

"As competitors only just emerge with first version support for dual display, eDualHead is part of Matrox's third-generation of DualHead advancements. Designed specifically for business and home users who are increasingly web-bound, eDualHead-compatible with Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 5.5 and above- includes three unique components: PageWrap, PageLog and PageJump. 'Matrox eDualHead represents a major advancement to the PC user's web-browsing experience. PageWrap, PageLog and PageJump are practical tools for a faster, more successful Internet experience.' "


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