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The Visioneer OneTouch 8100 Scanner

If you were reading the Target PC magazine and was following our previous scanner reviews you should by now know that we here at Target PC respect the Visioneer Corporation for their quality scanners at affordable prices.

Back in April 1999 we worked with Visioneer's latest and fastest OneTouch 8600 Model, this scanner ended up winning our editor's choice award for it's scan quality and ease of use. The 8600 easily beat out five other brands, such as UMAX, Mustek, Hewlett Packard, and AGFA for overall usability.

The Unit
  • Optical Resolution 600 x 1200 dpi
  • Hardware Supersampling Resolution 1200 dpi
  • Enhanced Resolution (interpolated) 2400 dp
  • i Scanner Bit Depth (color) 42-bit internal (over 4 trillion colors)
  • Scanner Bit Depth (grayscale)
  • 14-bit internal (16,384 shades of gray)
  • Output Bit Depth 24-bit color,
  • 8-bit grayscale Scanning
  • Area Up to 8.5"x 11.69" (A4/letter) (21.6 cm x 29.7 cm)


(+,-) $150USD

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Not only did the 8600 end up being the top choice for the advanced home user, but it also ended being the perfect business companion with its powerful OCR features and high DPI. Selling for a street price of $199USD unfortunately limited this product to people with money or the ones looking for top-notch quality scanning without worrying about price tags.

After reading some of our readers feedback, we noticed a lot of people liked, the OneTouch features that visioneer’s OneTouch product line offers, and most wanted to know more. We also received a reasonable amount of emails asking to work with visioneer’s lower end scanners.

As you might have already noticed, last month, we reviewed the 6200USB scanner, a perfect scanner for any home or small business use. The 6200USB offered some interesting specifications for its price. From our audience’s feedback, we noticed that the 6200 USB scanner received more interest than the 8600 OneTouch Scanner did.

To all that a single explanation is available, Affordability. Of course, the 6200USB didn’t interest everyone; people we’re asking for more, they wanted the ease of use of the OneTouch based models combined with the Budget 6200 scanner’s specification for its lower price.

To fulfill this audience request, we decided to get visioneer’s average cost OneTouch Model in the Lab, the 8100. The OneTouch 8100 has the body of the 8600 scanner and the brain of the 6200USB, all resulting in a lower cost scanner offering similar features to the high end 8600 unit. This 8100 scanner should definitely give a deeper interest for the people that requested more features at an affordable price.

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