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The OneTouch Panel

The 8100 includes five buttons on its front side. Three of them are specifically designed for the OneTouch feature and the other two are simple scan controllers. The green Scan button scans photos directly to the Visioneer PaperPort software, you can customize it from the PaperPort software to different settings, as changing the dpi or scan format. The other big button is orange and is situated at the very left side of the unit. Itís the Stop/Cancel Button; it instantly cancels any scans in progress.


The other three buttons are situated in the middle, and have their own specific functions. The Custom button situated at the left, is a customizable scan button, somewhat similar to the others, you can customize it for different scan needs. The E-mail button is used to email the scanned content as an attachment, the PaperPort software lets you customize your scans and choose different mail clients to use. The last button is the copy/print function. It lets you create photocopies by sending the scanned content to your printer.

Picture of the 8100 (left) and the 8600 Scanner (right)

Note that the panel of the 8600 scanner offers two extra buttons labeled as OCR and FAX. The OCR button letís you scan text based documents directly into the word processor of your choice and the fax button opens your windows faxing based application and letís you send your scans in less than five seconds.

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