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Solarism LM 1503 LCD Display

Recently I noticed that LCD prices have come down quite a bit. Price has been about the biggest hurdle to LCD sales thus far. Another factor that has hindered the wide adoptance of LCD displays has been the fact that the high quality units that many professionals use at work are out of their financial reach for home use. Many consumers have been searching for an LCD that would offer many of the high end attributes of a prefessional unit with a sub $700 price. Solarism recently contacted us about their LM 1503 flat panel which they claim to be the brightest on the market.

The Board
  • 15.0" viewable (diagonal)
  • 400:1 contrast ratio
  • 160 degree viewing angle
  • Super bright display
  • Built in speakers with 2 RCA inputs or 1 standard speaker input
  • 1024x768 max resolution
  • Uses a standard monitor cable with inputs for 2 additonal video sources and 1 additional S-video input

Solarism LM 1503 LCD Display page
Approx $649 USD

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First Impressions

There were several snafus getting the unit to me from UPS. This of course isn't Solarism's fault but the fault of my UPS delivery man who refused to bring the unit during normal office hours. Once I did pick up the unit I was quite impressed by the small box it came in. Everyone familiar with the enormous boxes that most displays are packed in will be surprised to see that Solarism's box is about the size of a small suitcase and even has a carrying handle on top.

There are several inherent advantages to an LCD panel. One of the biggest is their very slim size. Another big advantage is that they use about half the electicity of a standard CRT display. This isn't a huge concern for the average person but becomes a factor for large companies with several work stations. One advantage of LCD panels is that they aren't affected by refresh rates like a monitor and usually are quite a bit easier on the eyes. The LM 1503 uses more electricity than a standard LCD panel but still significantly less than a starndard CRT. This is due to the extra bright and crisp display that Solarism incorporates into this display. Is it bright? Will staring at the sun hurt your eyes? Yes, the unit is definately the brightest display I've ever seen and that is by a far measure too. Early LCD panels required a video card with a specific output plug that was designed for LCD use. Luckily the industry has decided to go with standard CRT style inputs since this means the display can be used with any available video card.


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