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Testing Setup

It should be quite obvious that the opinions of one person can be very different from another when it comes to displays. That has a lot to do with not only a users preferences but also with the fact that different individuals eyes have different needs. What I'm getting at is that I recommend that someone spend sometime in front of a particular display prior to making a purchase decision. I do a lot of web browsing and word processing in my work for TargetPC but my needs may not be as severe as an artist or game designer for instance. That said let's get to the meat of the review.

I used the X-Micro GeForce 2 Pro in conjunction with this card. I also tested it with a Matrox Millenium G450 since it has the best 2D reproduction that I have found in a commonly available video card. David King from Solarism suggested I give myself a couple of days to adjust to the bright display of the LM 1503. He wasn't kidding. The first day I used the unit I found it almost annoying how bright the display was. Is this a design flaw? As it turns out it isn't. When you have been accustomed to a certain level of brightness it is hard to acclimate to such a drastic change. True to Mr. King's recommendation I found the display to be much easier and comfortable to use after about two days. The unit came shipped with both the contrast and brightness set at 100. I ended up turning the brightness down to 85 and the contrast down to 75. Even with these lowered settings everyone who looked at the LM 1503 were blown away by its bright output. It lights up my office area at night when the lights are turned off!


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