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PC Tote

You might guess that people who work with computers all the time like us at TargetPC have figured out the easiet way to move computers around. I wish we were just that smart. Mike is a good friend of mine and he amazed me one day when he gave me a PC Tote as a gift. I have seen similar products before but the PC Tote is about the easiest unit to use I've come across. As a matter of fact PC Tote bills their product as "The easiest way to carry your PC".

The Board
  • "The easiest way to carry your PC"
  • Instructions are included!

PC Tote website

$19.95 to $24.95 USD

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First Impressions

PC Tote addresses a problem just about every one of us faces. If your case is large enough and has enough components in it having to carry it can be quite cumbersome. Now imagine the situation for a LAN gamer or someone who does sales or PC repairs. Some of my largest cases have caster wheels on the bottom of them because of the difficulty in moving them. With PC Tote a user can carry their case much like they would move a heavy suitcase or toolbox.

The units given to me were purple. I noticed there is no color option when you order from their site so I am assuming that purple is now the standard color. Not a biggie - but I thought the blue in the pictures looked a little nicer. I was also given the optional security strap. It works by wrapping around the midline of the case so that the case doesn't allow the PC Tote straps to slip off. For $3.95 I think it is a very good investment even if you are not moving cases as large as mine around.


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