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The Install

The handle on the PC Tote is padded just like the grips on a bicycle handlebar. Simply lay this on the top of your case and drop the nylon straps down the side of the case. Wrap the straps around the case and secure them.

We're not talking brain surgery with this product but here's where knowing what size to order comes in handy. PC Tote has a handy graphic at their site to determine this so I borrowed it and put it here. If your measurements around the case are more than 54" then you need the XL size. Smaller cases will use the standard size PC Tote. Personally I would buy the larger PC Tote and just secure the extra straps out of the way.

The security strap is even easier to put on. I already mentioned that at $3.95 you shouldn't consider lifting your case without it. I felt a lot more confident about carrying an 80 pound full tower when the security strap was in place. This is about the best time to mention that you should have a good backup of your data before you start moving your computer. The jossling and bumps from being carried or transported in a car can cause some of your valuable data to be lost.


LAN gamers are probably already very aware of this product. But for salespeople and technicians this may be a new product. I highly recommend anyone who regularly moves their computer(s) pick up a PC Tote to minimize the possibility of damage to their computer or injury to themself. As I've found out they make great gifts.

Victor Oshiro July 25, 2001


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