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Jetta Tech USB Chargers

We all like new and innovative products around here. Can you remember life before the microwave or cellular phone? On top of the usefullness of these products are other devices that integrate into them thus making their usefullness increase. The carousel for the microwave comes to mind. Jetta Tech of Lake Forest CA. contacted me about their latest cell phone and PDA chargers. It appears that they have a very good idea on their hands that should go a long way into making the short battery lives of our phones and PDAs more bearable.

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  • Convenient USB chargers for cell phones and PDA's

Jetta Tech's USB Charger page

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First Impressions

I had been on a long vacation when I got back and opened up the box that Jetta Tech had shipped to me. I have to say I was very surprised. In the box were not just one or two items but count 'em - 8 individual chargers for everything from five different mobile phones to chargers for the three of the most popular PDAs. Each charger comes in a small package with nice clear windows that hold the actual charging cable.

I've actually encountered this problem: Imagine that you are on a business trip and have forgotten the charge cord for your cell phone. Things can get a lot worse if you aren't particularly close to a mall kiosk to pick up a charge cord. Had I had one of these cords available to me I could have used them to charge up my phone at the same time I was doind a presentation or while I was surfing the web. I like that the pictures on Jetta Tech's site show a laptop being used for this very purpose. I know you die hard travelers will think I'm nuts for recommending that you go and use your laptop to charge a phone or PDA considering how short the battery life on a laptop can be. Now consider it this way. I take my laptop's charge cord with me on the road in case the juice starts getting low anyway. Not having to carry a second cable for a phone or PDA does two things. Most importantly is that it is one less thing for me to forget in a hotel room. I've been guilty of this so let me give a hearty thumbs up to a cable that will stay attached to the laptop or in its bag. Second, hotels aren't known for their generous outlet accomodations. You may have your phone charging in the bathroom which is not at all convenient when you are expecting calls. Having your phone on charge right next to the computer just makes a lot of sense.


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