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The ixla Photoeasy Deluxe Kit

In 1996, ixla announced its strategy to target the consumer digital imaging market. Over the past three years, the Company has been successful in securing strategic alliances and distributors in many countries, spanning five continents: Australia, Asia, North America, South America and Europe. Long-term contracts include prestigious companies such as Casio, Kodak, Sony, Ricoh, Panasonic, Connectix, Polaroid, Netcom, Prodigy, Samsung and Fugi. Ixla’s mission is to provide innovative, practical top-quality technology, software applications and Internet services for digital photography.

We look at ixla’s Photoeasy Deluxe kit. A 99$ kit coming with everything required to get your digital needs going. The Deluxe kit features a standard 640x480, 2Mb digital camera with built in flash and Of course IXLA’S one and only Photoeasy software. The Photoeasy deluxe kit is targeted for the low cost market, including beginner photography amateurs. Its affordable price hardly limits anyone in not stepping in today’s digital world.

The Cover Box
  • 2 MB Non-Removable Flash Memory
  • 1/3" Agilent (HP) CMOS
  • VGA 640x480
  • Up to 30 images
  • Easily download photos from the camera
  • Create exciting custom calendars, postcards and more
  • Retouch and enhance photos - even fix red-eye!


(+,-) $99

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Technical Impressions

The included digital camera features 2Mbyes of storage, it lets you store up to 30 640x480 pictures. Being a low cost solution, the Digital Super PRO 640 features a reasonable maximal resolution of 640x480. For superior indoor takes, the camera comes with a built-in flash that can be activated upon request. A small analog LCD screen accompanied with two statuses LED’s are present in the backside of the unit. The first LED is green and is on when the unit is operating, the second is orange and indicates if the flash is activated. The LCD screen displays some optional information on the camera. Because of the minimized size of the LCD screen, only a maximum of two letters can be simultaneously displayed. With this somehow annoying limitation, the camera still manages to do a great job; it displays messages under two letters.

FL is displayed when the memory is full. FE is appearing when a flash related error has occurred. RS informs that an unexpected error has occurred. BL stands for battery low; this should be a very common message with this product as it eats a lot of battery power. The last is LL, this one stands for Light Low, it warns you to turn the flash on.

The upper side of them unit features four buttons. First is the shutter button, which as you might already guessed serves to capture the pictures. Second is the Self-Timer button that serves for self-shots, it gives you 10 seconds before capturing a picture. The third button is the flash activator; it gives you the choice to enable the flash. The fourth and last is the Power button, it of course serves to turn on and off the unit.

The Digital Super PRO 640 operates on four AA batteries. In order to communicate with your PC, It features two different interfaces. First is the Universal Serial Bus (USB) Interface which is a new standard for connecting external peripherals to the PC, it offers faster and more reliable transfer speeds compared to parallel and serial ports. The second featured interface is parallel, as already stated earlier this type is slower and less reliable for this type of equipment.

The quality of the pictures is far from being state of the art. However, it should be enough for most beginners or perhaps kids that want to have fun editing pictures. After all, this is only a 99$ unit, we will not be as strict as we would generally be with a more expensive product. Here are some pictures captured with Digital Super PRO 640 Cam. Notice that the quality is close to awful, and the focus is completely out of range. Outdoor pictures come out much better.

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