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The installation process went without any surprises. The first step consists in installing the Photo Easy Software. Simply insert the CD in the drive and setup should automatically start if "auto insert notification" is enabled on that particular drive. The installation process should not take more than a few minutes. At the very last phase of the installation process, you will be asked if you want to use the included super PRO 640 camera or another type of camera. Proceed by choosing the Super Pro 640. After making your choice you will be asked to reboot your machine.

Installation Window (click to enlarge)

Once done, you are ready to proceed installing the Super PRO 640 camera. If you will be using the USB interface simply plug one end of the USB cable into the computer’s USB port and the other end into the USB cable connection point of the camera. Power up the unit, windows should automatically detect the unit as a USB IMAGING DEVICE; it will then find the proper drivers left by the Photo Easy installation process. One time recognized, the Camera is ready to use. A similar process will take place for a serial connection.

Exploring the Photo Easy software

Ixla designed the Photo Easy software for the first time photographers. Whether you are eight or eighty years old, the PhotoEasy software makes it easy to capture and edit photos. The PhotoEasy software offers six different applications (import, fix, email, tutorial, fun, print).

These six applications can be executed from the ixla Activity center. The Activity Center is a menu, giving you the choice to choose the application you want to run. It also simplifies the process, as you will not have to use the start menu every time you want to import or edit data. Here is a screen shot of the activity center.

Activity Window (click to enlarge)


The PhotoEasy Deluxe Kit is by far the most affordable digital imaging solution on today’s market. Selling for a street price of $99USD and seen for as low as $89 on the net, will hardly put a limit to anyone in not buying it. Home users and young photo amateurs will highly appreciate the features this kit has to offer for its low price. However, if you remember last month, we reviewed D-Link’s new DSC-350 Digital Camera. This unit features 8mb of storage, a higher resolution, lower power consumption and several other interesting features such as video recording and the capability of being used as a web cam. All of this retailing for around 30$ USD more than the Photo Easy deluxe kit. It will be up to you to decide. We recommend reading our DSC-350 review from last month and then analyze your needs. If money is not a matter, D-Link’s new solution would be a more logic choice for home use with its better quality pictures and features. In the other hand, ixla’s is less expensive and would be a great gift to offer someone for Christmas.

Oleg Mitskaniouk -

Web Target PC


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