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Intelís Pentium 4 Processor

Technology continues to grow at an exponential rate with new products coming out on the market every day. These products can be specialized hardware or even software, though hardware probably gets the most attention in the media. Generally, when we speak of computer hardware, we think of the main components and what generally comes to mind is the central processing unit (CPU). A processor is the logic circuitry that responds to and processes the basic instructions that drive a computer.

The Processor
  • NetBus Architecture
  • 400MHz System Bus
  • Advanced Transfer Cache
  • Advanced Dynamic Execution
  • Hyper Pipelined Technology (20)
  • Rapid Execution Cache
  • Multi Media (SSE)
  • Enhanced Floating Point
  • Operates on Intel's 850 Chipset
  • Available in 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5GHz versions.


850$ - 1100$


Like its older brother the PIII, the Pentium 4 is based on the same .18micron process and uses Aluminum interconnects. With the release of the .13 version of the Pentium 4, later this year, Intel will start using copper interconnects in order to achieve the maximal yields. The Pentium 4 hosts 42 million transistors compared to the 28.1 million featured transistors on the Pentium III (Coppermine). At 1.5GHz, the Pentium 4 dissipates 52W of heat, compared to the Pentium III at 1GHz that dissipates 33W. Quite good for a processor featuring a 217mm^2 die, even better when compared to AMDís Athlon running at 1GHz that already does it at 54W.

Special Note: Later this year the Pentium 4 will be available in two versions. First is the current Socket 423 version and the Socket 478 Version. The 478 Version is going to be a preparation for Intelís Next Pentium 4 core codenamed Northwood that will debut in Q3 of this year. This part will only be available in a 478-pin format (socket mPGA478).

Front View
Back View

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