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AMD Duron 800 Review

The Board
  • Socket A architecture
  • 200 MHz FSB
  • 128K Level 1 cache
  • 64K Level 2 cache


(+,-) $110 US

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It seems that with the recall of the Intel Pentium III 1.13 GHz and the release of the 1.2 GHz Thunderbird from AMD that the frequency wars have settled a bit at the current top-end. With the imminent release of the Pentium 4 (maybe?) and with a move to 0.13 architecture for AMD's chips it can be quite dizzying. The biggest benefactors of this speed race have been the consumers and the big two chip makers haven't let us down in the "value" area of the market either. With a very strong price to performance ratio it isn't surprising that new CPUs in this market are often more eagerly anticipated by consumers.

In my collection of CPUs (we should all be this lucky right?) I have an original PPGA Celeron 366 that overclocks to 550 with just a minor boost in voltage. Also in my stable is a Celeron 2 566 that overclocks to 850 MHz with only a 0.05 volt increase. Pretty good one I have to say. But my friends at AMD have given me a nice birthday surprise and sent me a Duron 800. I have to say that this is the very best "value" processor I have ever seen. I have to keep putting it in quotations like that because there is a lot of performance packed into these processors, especialy when you take their price into consideration. At just over a $100 the performance offered by the Duron 800 is pretty phenomenal. I got the price I listed off of a web price engine so I think it is representative of what these processors can be bought for. Intel isn't going to release an 800 or 850 MHz Celeron2 in the very near future - so I thought I'd throw out some numbers for those of you who have been sitting on the fence deciding whether to wait for the new Celerons at 100 MHz FSB or just jump ship to AMD's Socket A architecture.

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