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The Vantec CCK-6035D


During the last year, Vantec has literally been flooding the market with a wide range of high quality cooling products. One of the very latest follows in that high-end tradition, the CCK-6035D. But wait! It shocks you with it's gold-ish copper color! Yes, this heatsink has a copper bottom plate and interior fins in addition to an AL 6063T5 housing. This conglomeration smacks you right in the face with such sheer weight and solidity that it left me gazing at this hunk of Cu for several minutes simply marveling at the very design. Then, I spotted an entirely out-of-place part on such a well built product...the retention clip. Jeez, you'd think that a better solution than this simplistic and not confidence inspiring grabbing device couldn't possibly be married with the remaining amalgamation. This unit is tall; however, as long as this model meets your height restrictions, usability won't even be a passing thought. Thanks goes to Vantec USA for the review sample.

Factory Specifications
Vantec CCK-6035D
  • Fan: 38 CFM output
  • Noise: 46.5dBA
  • Power: 3.84W
  • Current: 320mA
  • HxWxD: 78x64x64mm
  • Price: $35-39


8/10 Rating

Description & Specifications

As an engineer of sorts, I'm well aware that copper has different heat dissipation the good old aluminum. The bottom plate is a rather significant hunk of metal and I even welcomed that unusual and not unpleasant aroma it brought into the room after opening the box. The interior fins are more delicate as they are very thin and precisely spaced for efficient cooling. Try to keep your fingers and any other prying hands out of the center or similar to the radiator fins on a car, the efficiency will decline rapidly.

The fan looks like a typical model from Global Win FKP/FDP products, but let me assure you that the first time you fire this conglomeration up, the differences perk up your ears. And your neighbors ears. A nearly 7000 rpm fan whirs to life and can catch the eardrums by surprise. And for once, the fan is securely seated to the heatsink. No buzzes or rattles anywhere. Since this was the very same fan as in the FCE-62540D I reviewed some months ago, the specs and measurements are included.

About this clip: it's the worst feature of the product. Snapping it on the CPU, even in the roomiest case there is, an InWin S500, was quite a chore. Removing it was far worse and required two hands. The clip mechanism used in the FCE-62540D was markedly better. This setup is so heavy, the weightiest I've ever tested...13 ounces or nearing 1 pound, that I was concerned the clip might not be sturdy enough.


Fan Top
Fan Bottom
Cooler Bottom

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