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Arctic Silver Premium Thermal Compound


"When I blow a dollar on a bottle of water, I get Perrier." That old Robin Williams' line has withstood the test of time when examining why certain items cost such ridiculous amounts of dinero. Mercedes & BMW owners fall madly in love with their vehicles for a reason though. Sometimes, you do get what you pay for.

Welcome to the land of grease. More specifically, high end premium thermal compound. That's what we call it when we fork over $13.95 USD for a measly 6.5 grams (0.23 oz) of silver pasty looking goo. Goo that is normally thrown in for free when purchasing Global Win heatsink/fan combos. Let's scrutinize why on earth anyone would plunk down so many shekels to cool that processor. By the way, if you think that I haven't fallen in love with the best grease there is then, hehe, you're reading the wrong things into this review. ;-)

Factory Specifications
The Unit
  • Thermal Conductivity: Varies From 4.65 to 5.15 W/m*K
  • Heat Reduction: 2º to 7º C (3.6º to 12.6º F)
  • 79% to 82% Pure Micronized Silver Content
  • Negligible Electrical Conductivity
  • Price: $13.95 USD


9/10 Rating

The Claim

I thoroughly enjoy verifying manufacturers claims. To their chagrin, I usually dig up more dirt than they would ever want you, the reader, to know. Sometimes, their responses aren't pleasant. So what. I'm not reviewing directly for their benefit, I here for you.

When I spied the 2º-7º C guaranteed temperature reduction, I thought, "Ha! I gotem!" There ain't no way that this grease could possibly live up to such expectations. Next, I untwisted the syringe end cap and pushed some silver goop onto my fingers. Mmm, seemed awfully thick and substantial, similar to anti-sieze compound typically used into automobiles.

Compared to the standard GW101 High Performance Thermal Grease that I was using on the FKP-32, this new stuff seemed rather...intimidating. I think that the original claims may turn out to be true. Without too much more effort, I pulled the cover from the InWin S500 that housed a P3 700E @ 980MHz and began the operation. Five minutes later, it was "out with the old and in with the new" as the side panel slipped back into place and I anxiously awaited MotherBoard Monitor version 5's results.


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