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Testing Rig

Intel Pentium 3 700 @ 980MHz
Heatsink & Fan
Global Win FKP-32
Asus CUSL2 rev 1.02 w/1002 BIOS (provided by AD of K)
Mushkin 128MB CAS2 PC133 (256MB total)
Hard Drive
IBM 15.3GB 75GXP 7200 RPM ATA100


Plextor 12-04-32 SCSI CD-RW
Sound Card
SB Live! Value
Video Card
Creative Labs Annihilator2 32MB (220 mem/367 core)

Arctic Silver
Optimized For Small Contact Area (provided by highspeedpc)

Operating System
Windows 98SE
Video Drivers
Detonator 6.31
Applications From 3DMark2000 build 335: default benchmark at 1024x768@16bpp. Normal 1024x768 web browsing and various 2D apps.


Two tests were ran over a period of a few hours. Actually, before the Arctic Silver was exchanged for the standard GW grease, the very sane temperature readings were taken. I still am slightly shocked at the results, but here they are for all to see.

Peak Temperatures
GW Grease
Acrtic Silver
118º F
111º F
7º F
120º F
113º F
7º F


Utterly amazing! A 7º F reduction (3.9º C) just by changing the grease. Despite my earlier whining, this is a superb product even if I want to balk at the price a little. For tiny Pentium 3 or Celeron 2 situations, there is enough packed into the diminutive syringe to complete at least 50 installations. That's less than 30 cents per processor.

I've already put this magic compound on everything (processors, that is) and enthusiastically recommend it for overclockers and system builders. This is a product that meets its claims and since the general quality of the grease is so high, it should last for years without drying out, a typical problem with generic compounds. Pick up a syringe or two today.

William Yaple


Web Target PC


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