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1CoolPC BigMoFoHo Heatsink

Sometimes we are very lucky and we get CPUs sent to us from their manufacturers prior to their release dates. Often this means that we discover that we don't have an adequate cooling scheme in place if the manufacturer doesn't send a heatsink matched to the heat output of the CPU. That is the case with the 1.2 GHz Athlon AMD sent a while back to use for motherboard testing. I was stunned to see this CPU easily approaching 150 degrees F under heavy use. That is very hot. So I contacted 1CoolPC's Bart Lane and inquired what heatsink he recommended to remedy this situation. Bart recommended his largest SocketA heatsink - the Big MoFoHo. The name says it all folks. This is easily one of the largets HSF (Heatsink Fan) units you'll come across. But Bart went one step further and recommended the addition of his Athlon SocketA Spacer and Arctic Silver II compound.

The Board
  • GlobalWin FOP32-1 Heatsink
  • 80mm fan
  • 40 cfm

1CollPC's Site

$27 USD

Technical Impressions

Take a look at this bad boy. Bart obviously realized that the FOP32-1 had about the best cooling possibilies available for a SocketA CPU. He added a very quiet 80mm Sunon fan on top to complement the awesome cooler. You heard right - 80mm is a standard case fan and this one is rated at 40 cfm. Worried that you won't get enough cooling? I suppose you could put a higher flow 80mm fan in the place of the unit that Bart provides but I appreciate that this fan is very quiet.

Click on the picture above to see it in full size. If you look closely at the bottom of this heatsink you'll see just how large it is. At the base this heatsink measures 50mm x 62mm - the size of a standard heatsink. It quickly grows to the dimensions of the 80mm fan. The unit is 65mm tall. Depending on the layout of your motherboard this heatsink may be a tough fit. In my testing the biggest factor was the height of the capacitors next to the CPU socket. I test fitted it on three boards and only on the Tyan Trinity KTa did the fit make me nervous. Turns out I could slip a sheet of paper between the heatsink and the tops of the capacitors so I knew that they weren't actually touching but I can't vouch for every motherboard out there.


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