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But Wait. There's More!

Lets not forget the copper SocketA Spacer and Arctic Silver II compound. Anyone who knows me knows just how hard I am on computer parts. I have several dead motherboards and an assortment of CPUs, memory, harddrives, and even a CD writer that have fallen to my abuse. When Bart recommended his SocketA Spacer I was more than willing to give it a try as I had recently killed the Duron 800 AMD sent by crushing its core while mounting a ThermoEngine heatsink. The copper spacer is the same thickness as the core and prevents the heatsink from applying to much down force and destroying the CPU. Turns out that the clip on that particular ThermoEngine HSF was a little distorted and that is what destroyed the Duron. If you were to see the Duron CPU you'd need a magnifying glass to see the miniscule damage the core received to one corner but the end result is that the CPU no longer posts. Using the SocketA Spacer would have been cheap insurance to save this CPU and at $8 I won't mount another SocketA CPU without one.

You'd think that the combination of the Big MoFoHo and the copper SocketA Spacer would be enough right? Bart also sent the Arctic Silver II compound to use for testing. The heatsink compound that comes with most HSF's is pretty good but I have to agree with Bart that if you are going to invest in a good heatsink you should use the best compound to ensure that you get good geat transfer. Bart has some instructions for the correct application of this compound to your CPU core. He has good recommendations to make sure you put only the smallest amount of it necesary to get the job done. If you click on the picture of the copper spacer above you'll see just how little compound is needed for heat transfer on a SocketA CPU. The Arctic Silver II compound retails for $8 also and I highly recommend you use this for all your cooling needs.


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