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Samsung's MCD-MP65 Digital Audio

As my first assignment, I was asked to review one of Samsung's "CD Yepp" series digital audio players, the MCD-MP65. It was the remoteless version of the MCD-MP67; we received it six months before its official launch, so it wasn't the final product. As I took its box in my hands, I noticed that it featured MP3-CD/CD-R/RW Playback. Therefore, I was expecting a lot out of this next generation portable device: it gives you the ability to carry over 10 hours of music on a single CD!

The Player
  • CD, MP3 formats
  • Audio CD, CD-R, CD-RW disc
  • 40 seconds ESP
  • Super Bass Sound
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries, Extended Battery Pack, or AC adaptor for power
  • +10 Skip Button

Samsung USA

Approx $129 USD
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The Beginning

Another element that I quickly noticed about the MCD-MP65 was the Extended Battery Pack. It's a great accessory that gave the MCD-MP65 an extra 16 hours (8 hours when ESP is On) of playback by using 2 AA batteries to help the digital audio player's standard 2 AAA batteries (...hey, AAA batteries aren't the most powerful of them all). This was a very good call by Samsung because those AAA batteries only lasted for 6 hours (3 when ESP is On). On top of that, there was yet another very convenient feature that the MCD-MP65 possessed; it was its Large LCD Display. It happened to be very useful when I was searching for titles in MP3-CD Playback (when you have more then a hundred files on a single CD, things can get a little confusing if you have a poor display). These were my favourite external features, but this member of the CD Yepp's bundle also included earphones with volume control, an AC adapter, two instructions manuals (one in English and one in French), a warranty card, and a Carry Case which can be used to protect your unit or even as storage for your CDs.

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