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The Commands

As I started to examine the Digital Audio Player, I noticed that besides the standard PLAY/PAUSE, STOP, RWD, and FWD buttons there were also the Repeat/Random, Album, ESP/Last Memory, +10 and SBS commands. The first one mentioned in the list was no more spectacular than the same command on other audio devices, but the Album command was quite interesting; it was designed to help skip from album to album (if the MP3-CD is recorded in albums). This feature can sure help you save some time if you have a lot of files on one CD. In the same line of idea comes the +10 command. This key allows you to skip ten songs in only one click one a button; it's yet another time saver. The Last Memory command was also a great component. It was created to remember the last file played before stopping the MCD-MP65 so when reused, you go start right were you last left. As for the ESP... I think I'll keep that for later. The last special command was the SBS (Super Bass Sound). This bass boost was quite impressive and really showed me how a little bass can really increase sound quality.

The Test : Heaven or Hell?

The first time I really got to test the MCD-MP65 was just before I was going to bed. So I popped a CD in it and started to enjoy the MCD-MP65ís great sound quality. I tried both MP3-CD and CD-R Playback and founded both quite sharp: the LCD Display was very useful, the SBS made an already great sound quality become even better, the Album, +10, and Last Memory were just fantastic commands that made the MP3-CD Playback a childís play, and the ESP (Electronic Shock Protection) system seem to work perfectly. The only two problems that I accounted were the fact that the MCD-MP65 would still play when the AC adaptor was attached to it without plugging it in a power outlet (this problem could cause a major wastage of batteries if you pay attention to what youíre doing) and that the unit did not come with a remote. Still, because of its great performance, I was ready to give the MCD-MP65 a mark of about 9.0/10.0Ö The next morning, I decided to give the MCD-MP65 a little jogging test. I was expecting the ESP system to work perfectly, but instead, it gave me a rather poor performance. First of all, the supposedly 40 seconds ESP would only last for about 10 seconds (it was odd, but that was just the way it was). Also, second of all, when activated, the built in anti-skip protection would stop the CD from playing right in the middle of a session even though my batteries were full; it also would cause CDs to skip for no particular reason (like my brand new Craig David CD that I had purchased a week before testing the MCD-MP65!!!). Finally, the ESP would cease functioning when the unit was in a vertical position. Just to be sure that that these issues werenít a one time gig or based only on my judgement, I putted the MCD-MP65ís ESP to trial a second time and even asked other people to use it for a while; sadly, the results were the same. Therefore, I was forced to lower the unitís rating.


So, whatís the verdict? Well, the MCD-MP65ís ESP was a big disappointment, but we have to say that the unit that we received was not the final version of the product. This is quite important because the official product offers a 100 seconds ESP; also, most of the problems mentioned in previous paragraphs must have been fixed on it. Still, due to its outstanding performance in all the other areas and great qualities such as the Large LCD Display, the SBS, Album, Last Memory, and +10 keys, and the MP-3 CD/CD-R Playback it can be labelled as a excellent product. Also, the remote included with the MCD-MP67 can only helps to make things even more interesting. Therefore, if we take the MCD-MP65Ďs great attributes and features, subtract from them the ESP poor rating, and add to that the fact that the unit I tested was a prototype; this digital audio player receives a well-deserved 8.0/10.0. The MDC-MP65 offers a great price and great performance. You can travel with it, use it in your car, or simply enjoy it at home for several hours. Despite its flaws, there isnít much more that you can ask for in a digital audio device.

David Dorgerville



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