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AVC Soul Player

Recently Easybuy2000 sent the AVC Soul Player for review. Before I opened the box I went to their site to see if there was some information that may be useful. I came across this claim " The new Soul Player by AVC is MP3 technology at its best! With ID3 Tag Support and an advanced LCD display with backlight, this player is the best quality in its class. Listen to your MP3 CD's and audio CD's in style! " We're accustomed to big claims from retailers but the fact that the unit could support MP3, WMA, and standard CD audio intrigued me. The first generation of MP3 players that I looked at used memory to hold the MP3 songs while many of the latest generation of units are using CD-R/RW discs as their format. With the ability to burn several hundred songs to a disc its no wonder that this market has become so popular with digital music fans.

The Board
  • CD, MP3, WMA formats
  • Audio CD, CD-R, CD-RW disc:12cm/8cm
  • Selectable 10 sec. and 40 sec. anti-shock protection
  • Supports ID3 Tag, ID3 V1 Tag, ID3 V2.20, ID3 V2.30
  • Remote Control
  • Selectable EQ settings
  • Uses 2 AA batteries, car adapter, or AC adapter for power

AVC Soul Player page at Easybuy2000

Approx $129 USD


First Impressions

The first thing that I noticed when I pulled the unit out of the box was that it was the same size as standard CD audio units I've used before. I had expected a larger unit. The very next thing I noticed was the LCD display. I popped in a disc with my favorite MP3's and began to navigate using the buttons on the unit and found the LCD screen much easier to use than the smaller MP3 players I've worked with that were memory based. It's backlight added even more to its convenience. All the controls for the unit are conveniently located and I found that navigating through a disc with over a hundred songs was no harder than navigating a memory based MP3 player that only held 15 songs. The EQ button is conveniently located on the front of the unit to allow selection between normal, rock, jazz & classic. Unfortunately there are no custom EQ features available but the built-in settings allow quite a bit of variance.

Included in the package were the earbud headphones, the remote which plugs into the wiring for the headphones, the unit, a manual, an AC adapter, and a software CD that allows you to install a player program and CD burning software. An added bonus is that the unit comes with a soft case that doubles as your extra CD storage as you are using the unit.


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