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More specs and features

The most prominent control on the unit is the pad that allows you to control the music play. Rather than have different buttons for Play, Pause, Stop, Stop, RWD, and FWD all the controls are operated from this one simple control. To the left of the LCD display are the Repeat, Dir, Mode, and Navi buttons. These buttons allow you to skim through the disc to find the music you want. What was immediately obvious was that this format allowed the music in the disc to be broken up by genre. Rather than scrolling through several songs alphabetically you can organize your music by genre and then skim through that genre alphabetically.

One of the nicest features that I found on the AVC Soul Player was the included remote control. The remote features the same control pad as the unit for music play. Also on the remote on the left side is the volume control and an EQ selection button. Are you very active? On the right side of the unit is a hold button that when activated will lock out inputs from the rest of the remote. I took the unit for a jog and once I locked in my selections had no problems whatsoever. Speaking of going for a jog - the carrying case features a belt loop and the remote features an alligator clip to attach it to your shirt. For as large a unit as this is that was pretty nice design. Were I to make one change I would have added a belt clip to the actual unit that could be removed rather than including the case. If you are wearing elastic waste clothing you have no belt to attach the unit to so you are forced to carry the unit in your hand.

The built in anti-skip protection worked very well and I didn't experience any problems while jogging with the unit set to 40 secs. skip protection. In the car 10 secs was more than enough skip protection. Oddly, the skip protection selector on the player is located on its bottom. Unfortunately it isn't included on the remote so you need to flip your unit over and make sure you have your skip protection selected.. One interesting problem I ran into with the remote occured when I clipped it to my shirt. The silkscreening on it has all the symbols for playing printed upside down. I'm used to the play button facing right - it faced left. What really became confusing was that the forward and reverse buttons were now inverted - and what you assumed was reverse was actually forward. This problem can very easily be fixed with an update to the silk screening on the remote but its something to be aware of. I wouldn't want to see people interupting their workout to figure out whats going on with their player.


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