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Mad Onion's 3D Mark 2000

Matrox G550 Dual-DVI


3D Mark 2000 is DirectX 7 based but since there is such a large amount of benchmarks using this application it makes a good starting point for our tests. The results in comparison to today's 3D cards is quite weak. What isn't apparent from the score is that the textures that the G550 produced were the best I've ever seen with this benchmark. The shimmering on the water and lighting effects were quite impressive in the tests designed to take advantage of them. Keep in mind that gaming isn't this card's strongpoint by design. We'll get to its strongpoints in just a bit. You can download 3D Mark 2000 here.

Mad Onion's 3D Mark 2001

Matrox G550 Dual-DVI

3D Mark 2001 is a very intensive benchmark that is based on DirectX 8. Wonder how you will do with the very latest games? Here's your benchmark. What should be immediately noted is that 3D Mark 2000 and 2001 results cannot be directly compared to each other. Again we are seeing a non stellar gaming performance. Matrox devotees are probably pulling their hair out at this point but there is a reason to all this so lets move on.

Quake 3 Arena

640 x 480
800 x 600
1024 x 768
High Quality

Here the resolutions are all separated. You can figure out where your gaming preferences fall. Normally I test the highest resolution at 1280x1024 but I chose to go with 1024x768 for two reasons: most importantly is that the Solarism LCD panel I used for testing only displays at a maximum of 1024x768, and the second reason is that it was quite obvious that testing at higher resolutions would have only produced scores which noone would be interested in. What should be immediately obvious is that this card is taxed at the higher resolutions and display settings. What is of interest to people who game only occassionally is that the scores in the lower resolutions were quite good and even 800x600 in "Fastest" mode offered a very playable experience. Go for higher resolutions or more intense settings and the performance drops considerably.


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