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We coninue to be very happy with the products that Matrox has sent us for review. For the avid gamer there certainly are cards available that are geared for them. Most of Matrox' business competition is based on budget cards that were developed from gaming cards but Matrox continues to build for the niche market that expects superior 2D graphics. What is especially nice is that Matrox keeps releasing new applications that can help those in the professional world such as DualCast. What isn't necesarily expected by many is that Matrox products can game too (as long as you keep the game complexity and resolution in check).

We spend a lot of time concerned with framerates when comparing video cards. The reason being that you as a reader want to know exactly how a product compares to its competition. But lets speculate for a second here. If a game only requires 60 FPS to appeal to a gamer, or even 100 FPS, perhaps we should be spending more time worrying about image qualtiy (both 2D and 3D) and the features of a card rather than which card posts the highest scores? I've read a lot of reviews where someone nitpicks about the difference between 212 FPS and 216 FPS when comparing cards. Obviously games are going to continue to get more complex and as cards age their performance won't seem so impressive but how often are these reviewers taking the 2D display quality we all use into consideration?

All of that said, as much as I game, I like to be able to be productive and get a lot of work done at my computer. I probably don't fit into the standard "gamer" model anymore as I have to consider 2D image quality both with my video card and with my display first. If you find yourself in that category I think you'd be far better served by a card like the G550 Dual-DVI than a card marketed to gamers. The image quality of Matrox cards is that much better. If gaming is your absolute passion then you need to look somewhere besides Matrox.

Victor Oshiro December 18, 2001



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