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Benchmarking Setup

AMD Athlon XP 1800+ (1533 MHz)
Heatsink & Fan
Soltek SL-75DRV2
256 MB DDR PC2100 (266 MHz)
Hard Drive(s)
Western Digital 27 GB ATA66


EPO 50x, Philips 8x CDRW
Sound Card
On board 3D Surround (AC97 Codec)
Video Card
Matrox G550 Dual-DVI

Operating System
Windows 2000 Professional
Video / VIA Drivers
provided by Matrox
Benchmarking Applications
Quake III Arena
Microsoft DirectX 8.1
Madonion 3DMark 2000 v1.1, 3D Mark 2001

AMD was very gracious and sent in the XP 1800+ for my thrashing ; P. In reality this CPU is 1500 MHz if you are at 200 MHz FSB or 1533 MHz at 266 MHz FSB so don't let the 1800+ rating throw you off. Going back to Performance Rating is something I think AMD should have avoided since it reminds us of the Cyrix days.

Once again Bart from 1COOLPC has stepped in and sent us an awesome heatsink to use for our testing. My first experience with the ThermoEngine was unsatisfactory due to a slight crushing incident (!) but luckily Bart is stocking copper shims for the Athlon XP and it appears that ThermoEngine has made a slight change to the heatsink clipping mechanism. Add to this the inclusion of a new high flow 60mm fan and it has turned out to be a very impressive unit. How good? How does 107 degrees F after a lot of benchmarking sound? At $35 for the heatsink and $8 for the shim you'd almost be nuts to pass up the safety margin provided by this unit.

The disk that features the drivers and additional software was in the box. Matrox sent a newer disk which had a newer set of drivers which as it turns out are the latest version you can download from their site. The latest drivers were version 572 for Win2k and even though they have an October release date the actual files have September dates on them so hopefully we are due for an update.

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