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DVD Playback and Bundled Software

This is one area where the G450 really shines. I've used other DVD software programs in the past, but Matrox's own DVD player gives fantastic performance. I tried to resize the movie during playback and did about everything I could think of to cause the performance to drop. The software resized the windowed screen without a hiccup in performance. I have a screenshot below - unfortunately the movie image wasn't captured. What is evident though is the layout of the controls for the software DVD player. The image is quite large at 1024x768 (my normal desktop setting) so feel free to click on it to get a good look at the DVD controls.

Big kudos to Matrox and the inclusion of this software. Also included on the CD were Micrografx's Simply 3D and Picture Publisher. Simply 3D allows you to create and edit 3D images while Picture Publisher is a very versatile tool that lets you manipulate your images.

On the back of the box that the Millennium G450 came in are a couple of screenshots of games that support the multiple monitor function of this card. Matrox didn't fall through in this area at all. Matrox threw in demo versions of Dogs of War, Hydro Sport racing, Kyodai Mahjongg, Rollcage Stage II, The Rift, and best of all, Star Trek Armada. Although there is no demo, Flight Simulator 2000 supports the DualHead technology of the G450 so you flight sim enthusiasts have something to look forward to.



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