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3DMark 2000 Results

One thing that stands out about this test is the outstanding score with the CPU overclocked to 667 MHz and the card overclocked to 240/370. The actual score was 6178. Another thing that stands out here is how small an improvement was achieved with just overclocking the card. At 500 MHz overclocking the card only raised the score from 4776 to 4868. At 667 MHz the score increase was somewhat better from 5900 to 6178. This shows just how CPU limited the card is. In plain terms that means the card is so fast that it is waiting for its instructions from the CPU. This equates to noticable improvements in performance with CPU speed increases. More interesting though were the results when Direct3D antialiasing was enabled.

At the stock core/memory clock we find a score of 2230. The results only improve to 2499 with the video card being overclocked. With such low scores I chose not to bother testing with the CPU at 500 MHz. Hopefully these results will improve with future versions of nVidia's reference drivers. With DirectX 8 only weeks away maybe we can have some hope for this benchmark area. I can't recommend that you enable full screen antialiasing in your DirectX games at this point.


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