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Quake III Arena performance (500 MHz CPU speed)

The results with the CPU at 500 MHz and the card at its stock speed are quite impressive. 86.5 FPS @ 640x480 in Fastest mode is certainly nothing to make fun of. How many people out there wanted to get past the 60 FPS barrier and only had a 500 MHz CPU? Also of interest is just how little the card is taxed at lower resolutions. Not until the resolution is turned upto 1280x1024 do we see the card fall below 70 FPS, and it took High Quality at that resolution to do it. Let's see if overclocking the video card at this CPU speed helps the scores any.

This time the result was 86.3 FPS @ 640x480 in the fastest mode. I know a lot of people will wonder how the score dropped from 86.5 to 86.3 after overclocking the card. These were results after three runs, so I'm sure that running the test ten times would have netted a score of 86.4 for both core/memory speeds. The card certainly is waiting for the CPU at this point. Overclocking the card did improve the score to 50.6 @1280x1024 in High Quality. I'd recommend you only bother with overclocking the card at a lower CPU speed if you are planning to run higher resolutions. Otherwise, the performance was within 1% for the other resolutions.


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