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Benchmarking Setup

AMD Athlon 1200 @ 900 MHz (200 MHz FSB)
Heatsink & Fan
3dfxCOOL Big MoFoHo
Soltek SL-75KAV
128 MB Mushkin PC133
Hard Drive(s)
Western Digital 27 GB ATA66


EPO 50x, 10x DVD
Sound Card
On board 3D Surround (AC97 Codec)
Video Card
X-Micro Impact 4 Pro (GeForce 2 Pro)

Operating System
Windows ME
Video / VIA Drivers
nVIdia 21.83 final release, VIA 4in1 4.32v
Benchmarking Applications
Quake III Arena
Microsoft DirectX 8.0a
Madonion 3DMark 2000 v1.1, 3D Mark 2001, SiSoft Sandra 2K1 Pro

I was able to reach 1.2 GHz with this CPU successfully which is a big improvement over the Tyan Trinity KTa that I tested before. Both boards are KT133A based but I had suspected that the Tyan board was having problems not related to the chipset. In order to achieve a comparison between two smiliar boards I decided to test the SL-75KAV at 900 MHz also so that we can have a direct comparison to work with. This meant retesting with the Tyan KTa since the release of newer nVidia drivers, VIA 4 in 1s and most importantly, the inclusion of the GeForce 2 Pro which would naturally deliver better performance over the GeForce 2 GTS I had used during the Tyan review.

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