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Sisoft Sandra 2001 Pro CPU benchmark

Soltek SL-75KAV
CPU Dhrystone 2523
FPU Whetstone 1243
Tyan Trinity KTa
CPU Dhrystone 2518
FPU Whetstone 1236

This is exactly why we decided to test the two boards with the same configuration. Those are some of the closest margins I've seen but there are more close calls to come. You can download Sandra here.

Sisoft Sandra 2001 Pro Memory Streaming benchmark

Soltek SL-75KAV
ALU/RAM Bandwidth 455
FPU/RAM Bandwidth 591
Tyan Trinity KTa
ALU/RAM Bandwidth 452
FPU/RAM Bandwidth 587

Again we see how close to motherboards based on the same chipset can perform.


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