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Ziff Davis CPUMark 99

This is a nice solid score for the first benchmark. When I tested a Celeron2 566 that was overclocked to 850 MHz recently I was stunned that it scored only 57.2 with this tool. This is why using only one benchmark to test a piece of hardware is a bad idea. You can download CPUMark99 from Ziff Davis here.

Sisoft Sandra 2000 Standard
CPU Dhrystone 2285
FPU Whetstone 1114

These are some very solid scores also. The Cel2 scored 2343 and 1137 respectively. That is quite a paradox - that the Duron at 50 MHz less speed can kill the Cel2 in CPUMark99 but gets edged out with Sandra. This is why I wouldn't rely on just one benchmark to make any conclusions about a component. The Azza board uses a VIA chipset which have been knocked for their memory performance with Intel's CPUs. I used a trusty old BX board to get my results with the Cel2 which I feel accounts to its better performance with this particular benchmark. CPUMark doesn't cache to the system memory and therefore the Duron/Azza combination shows what it can do when it stretches out its legs. Had I used my Apollo Pro133 with the VIA chipset to get the results for the Cel2 then I think that the Sandra scores for the Cel2 would have been much lower. You can download Sandra here.


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