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Mad Onion's 3D Mark 2000


This score is quite good. In my review of the Absolute Multimedia GeForce2 GTS it became apparent that the CPU was actually the limiting factor in obtaining a high 3D Mark score. Considering the GeForce2 is running at the stock 66 MHz AGP bus and not the 89 MHz it ran at during my highest testing in its review with the Pentium III this score is very acceptable. What's more, The Cel2 could only pull out 5327 with this tool. This is beginning to show the Duron's strongpoints. As a matter of fact, my Pentium III @ 690 MHz scores 6178 with 3D Mark 2K. All hail the Duron!

While 3D Mark is a good benchmark for comparing your system performance to another's, it simply doesn't show all the performance capable from a configuration like a game benchmark can.

Quake 3 Arena

640 x 480
800 x 600
1280 x 1024
High Quality


Here, the resolutions are all separated. You can figure out where your gaming preferences fall. The Azza/Duron combo just surpassed the Celeron2 in every resolution and configuration. This is the first CPU I've tested with this video card that surpassed 60 FPS at 1280 x 1024 in High Quality configuration. Let me assure you that the Azza KT133BX is a solid motherboard to build a gaming machine from. At the lower resolutions the Celeron2 was usually within 5 FPS - but that was quickly stretched to 10 FPS at higher resolutions. Considering the biggest limitation was the CPU, the Duron is just surpassing the Celeron2 and Pentium 3.


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