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We already reviewed three different motherboards from azza; the third one is coming next week in our exclusive Via133a round up. From our current experience with Azza products, we took notes on some things we found important and think that they should be highly considered by their engineers. First, I would like to point out the somehow minimal expansion Azza uses on their boards. Most of their motherboards come with four PCI slots. We must say that these days 4PCI slots is considered the very minimum, especially for an i815 solution that can easily host up to six slots. We would highly recommend they replace their motherboards featuring the AMR slots with an optional PCI slot, or rework the PCB to add a fifth PCI slot without having to eliminate the AMR slot.

Secondly, maybe not the most important but definitely worth mentioning, is their weak voltage regulations. I do realize that not all motherboard makers support and encourage overclocking, but these days the word overclocking has become something internal to the computer user. We would highly encourage AZZA improve their voltage regulations. Maybe they could include multiple voltage raises and make them all controllable via the BIOS. These little features would be definitely appreciated by the end users.

The test system

What I have decided to do is use a 550E Pentium III Processor for the complete benchmarking suite. Iíve used the 550E at 100MHz and then at 133MHz to keep track of itís overclocking stability and performance. We used a Matrox G400 32Mb video card with the most recent
BETA 6.00.010 drivers; In order to achieve the full performance, we used a clean windows 98SE install for each motherboard.

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