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WinBench 99 (133) AZZA 815TX ASUS P3V4X
CPU MARK 99 69.1 68.4
FPU WINMARK 3940 3930

WinBench 99 (100) AZZA 815 ASUS P3V4X
CPU MARK 99 51.5 51.5
FPU WINMARK 2950 2970

Wintune 99 (133) AZZA 815 ASUS P3V4X
CPU Integer 2138.216 MIPS 2133.875
CPU Floating Point Point 847.6845 MFLOPS 845.8781

Wintune 99 (100) AZZA 815 ASUS P3V4X
CPU Integer 1603.567 MIPS 1610.874
CPU Floating Point Point 635.2723 MFLOPS 638.3033

Sandra 2000 (133) AZZA 815 ASUS P3V4X
CPU Dhrystone 1741 1989
CPU Whetstoe 986 988
Integer MMX 2317 2320
Floating Point SSE 3085 3088
CPU/MEM Bandwidth 133MHZ SDRAM 375 340
FPU/MEM Bandwidth 133 MHZ SDRAM 403 395

Sandra 2000 (100) AZZA 815 ASUS P3V4X
CPU Dhrystone 1303 1496
CPU Whetstoe 740 743
Integer MMX 1737 1744
Floating Point SSE 2312 2322
CPU/MEM Bandwidth 133MHZ SDRAM 283 270
FPU/MEM Bandwidth 133MHZ SDRAM 309 309


As the benchmark numbers already concluded, the 815TX is performing very close to the high end Asus P3V4X motherboard using the PRO133A chip-set. Most of the differences are around 0.5 Ė 1.0%, which we canít count as an improvement. If you noticed, the 815TX was the weakest under the Sandra 2000 CPU Bandwidth benchmarks. I couldnít comment on this little issue now, but if I had to take a guess, I would say that it has something to do with the PHOENIX BIOS used with the unit. If it is BIOS related, I would say that this could be improved with a BIOS update in the near future. Iíll keep you up to date with this when I get the chance to speak with Azzaís people next week.

As for all the other benchmark numbers, the AZZA 815 performed acceptably. Nothing too shabby though. The 815TX mainboard ended up being a very stable unit, as we didnít experience any problems after using it in one of our main systems for over 72 hours. Even when overclocked at 133MHz, the unit has been very stable.

As you might already have read in other online publications, motherboards using the 815 chip-set generally perform better than the 133APRO solutions from VIA. Itís not always the case with the 815TX, but the results remained acceptable in almost all the scenarios. We wouldnít have a problem recommending the 815TX motherboard for the ones planning to build a lower cost system, as the price of the 815TX should be lower than other 815 mainboards on the market.

Oleg Mitskaniouk

Web Target PC


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