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Different types of shootings (modes)

Single snap shot mode: in single snap shot mode, the camera takes a single picture every time you press the shutter button. In single snap shot mode with self-timer: the camera will take one picture 10 seconds after you press the shutter button. Continues Snap shot mode: The camera will take four pictures or one image per second after you presses the shutter release button. The photo number will be counted from 4 to 1 while storing the images. Continues Snap shot with self timer mode: The camera will take four pictures in 10 seconds delay after you press the shutter release button. Last is the video-recording mode: The camera can capture video up to 5 minutes. Press and hold the shutter release button, the camera will take a continuous video until the button is released.


D-link included two user guides. Both focus on the installation process and main features of the camera. The installation process for the DSC-350 it self went painless. First, unpack the camera then unpack the two included AAA batteries and insert them in the battery compartment located at the bottom of the unit. To power it up press and hold the power button for three seconds. From here the camera should be ready and fully functional. You can now proceed on installing its software interface. The DSC-350 is fully compatible with almost all Microsoft operating systems out there, this includes windows 2000, ME, 98. NT 4.0 is not supported due its USB incompatibilities. Windows 95 OEM with USB support should not have problems communicating with the camera as well.

Simply proceed by connecting the included USB cable with your camera and PC. Windows should automatically detect it. In anyway, ignore the new device and proceed by inserting the D-link CD in your drive. A splash window similar to this one should appear.

Simply chose your operating system. This will install the Twain drivers in order to communicate with the camera. After these steps have been completed, you camera is fully functional and operational with the computer. If you have a graphics program like Adobe PhotoShop or perhaps any other kind featuring TWAIN importing, you can start importing pictures from your camera right away. If you do not have anything, D-link bundled two great programs. First is PhotoSuite III SE. A great graphics editor that is easy to use. Second is VideoWave III SE. This is a very similar program to PhotoSuite, but is focused for Video Editing.

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