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Sample Shots

Office - Weak Light
Office - Weak light-1
Room - Full light-2

Room - Full light-3
Room - Full light-4
Sky - Full light-5

At 129$, the DSC-350 is without doubts one of the most affordable digital photo solution in the industry. I say one of the most and not the most because there is currently the IXLA corporation selling their Digital Super Pro 640 camera for 99$, equipped with IXLA’s photo editing software. Looking at its specifications, the DSC-350 is without doubts a superior product. Its 1024X768 resolution, 8MB of storage and video capture features sets the DSC-350 right to the top. D-link’s new camera sets a new record in the digital photo industry by combining top end features with an affordable price tag. We would like to applaud D-link another time for a job well done.

Oleg Mitskaniouk

Web Target PC


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