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VIA P4X266 / A

VIA has their P4X266 chipset available for the Pentium 4, this is a two chip solution. The
North Bridge offers support for the Pentium 4 100MHz Quad Pumped Bus, SDRAM and SDRAM DDR memory support; most mainboards based on the P4X266 will be using the SDRAM DDR controller. Maximum memory expansion is 4GB.

The South Bridge of the P4X266 shares the same V-Link present on the VIA Apollo Pro 266 and VIA KT266 chipsets and is capable of transferring at up to 266MB/s. The South Bridge offers a total of three USB controllers in total capable of offering up to 6 USB ports, Ethernet support, ATA/100 support, AC97 and MC97 support.

Sooner or later VIA release an improved version of their chipset and adds an A at the end of the original name. In this case VIA released their newest P4X266A chipset with further support for the latest technologies.

The P4X266As North Bridge supports up to 3GB of DDR200 / DDR266 memory, AGPX4, support for Pentium 4s 100MHz Quad Pumped Bus and unofficially supports the 133MHz Quad Pumped bus that the upcoming Pentium 4 will run on. The South Bridge uses the same V-Link present on the VIAP4X266 and features support for two USB 2.0 controllers supporting up to 6 USB ports, AC97, MC97 and support for Ultra DMA 133.

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