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SIS 645

Most know SIS as being the producer of value segment computer chipsets, while it used to be true, a while ago, SIS today is getting into a more serious market with its latest solutions for the Pentium 4 and AMD Athlon processors.

Itís new SIS 645 for the Pentium 4 is quite a unique solution with its support for DDR333 memory which is capable of driving a bandwidth of up to 2666MB/s; higher than any DDR support available on todayís Intel and VIA chipsets. The North Bridge offers support for SDRAM as well as DDR266 and DDR200; most boards featuring the SIS 645 will likely take care of DDR due its higher bandwidth over SDRAM. The transfer protocol between the North and South Bridge is designed for multiple isochronous virtual channels, its 16-bit bus wide bus running at 266MHz provides a fully bi-directional channel that transfers data at up to 533MB/s. Feature provided by the South Bridge include the practically the same you would expect from an Intel ICH2 or VIA South Bridge, features include ACĒ97 v2.2 audio, ethernet, dual channel USB offering up to six USB 1.1 Ports and IDE Ultra ATA 100 support.

Overclocking the Northwood

With its new 0.13 process the Northwood is a processor with great overclocking potential. Our board of choice was the Soltek 85DRV P4X266 due its great overclocking features. We easily pushed our 2.2GHz unit on a 126MHz Quad Pumped Bus speed resulting in 2772MHz. We only added 0.5V to the processor, quite impressive. The 2000MHz part touched 126MHz as well using the same Vcore bump, thatís 2520MHz.

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