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The Amplifier

The Amplifier used in the sirocco series has always been that something that made the sirocco’s unique from other PC speakers systems. VideoLogic is one of these rare companies that decided to manufacture the amplifier as a separated unit from the speakers and the Subwoofer. That’s the hi-fi way! The amplifier is built with aluminum and weights under 10 pounds. The unit it self has that professional look similar to professional audio equipment.

It has a total power output of 80 watts RMS at 1% THD where 10 watts RMS for each satellite and 40 Watts RMS for the subwoofer. The amplifier can also output 100 Watts RMS at 10% THD. The combined frequency response of the subwoofer and satellites is 35 Hz to 20 kHz.

The Amplifier features a Self Peak Instantaneous Temperature (°Ke) (SPiKe™) Protection Circuitry for protection against overvoltage, undervoltage, overloads, including shorts to the supplies, thermal runaway and instantaneous temperature peaks.

The transformer used is a dual rail Torodial transformer with 28000µF of smoothing capacitance. 28000µF of capacity will result in continually having a smoothed output so that if a sudden current draw occurs, the capacitors will discharge to keep the current flow steady.

The front of the amplifier features all the controls needed for sound adjusting. Everything is controlled via knobs, just like in professional audio equipment. The knobs are large enough, and very comfortable to turn. The front panel features a total of 4-nobs, first is the volume, it of course increases or decreases the volume, the sub knob has a similar function to the volume but will only act for the subwoofer; it increases or decreases the bass output. The third knob is the fade; it balances the sound between the front and rear speakers. And at last, the Source knob lets you chose your audio source.

Front View (Amplifier)

Source-1 is used with the 3D positional RCA inputs (Front-Rear). If you will be using the crossfire setup on a Quadraphonic sound card then that’s the choice that will have to be used. Source-2 is for connecting full-sized units that use two RCA phono leads such as CD players, Mini Disc Player or analog cassette players. Source-3 is used for connecting units that use a 3.5mm stereo jack output, such as CD players or Mini Discs. The 3.5mm Jack is situated on the front of the amplifier making it easier to connect your external devices. The amplifier also features a headphone output jack. When headphones are connected to the headphones jack the speakers will be automatically muted.

Is that all? Not at all, the last option available on the front is the Quad switch, for stereo sources (2 and 3); the quad switch will duplicate the signal from the front speakers to the rear speakers, so that you could hear stereo surround through two sets of speakers (front-rear).

Going to the back, there’s 2 sets of Gold plated phono inputs for the surround source-1 (Front-Rear), followed by the RCA stereo input source-2 (stereo surround). There’s also a Dolby Digital LFE channel input (3.5mm jack) for those who will be planning on using VideoLogic’s Digitheater decoder, and at last is the individual outputs to each speaker unit. A power switch is also available; the amplifier doesn’t require to be turned off when you are not around.

Back View (Amplifier)

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