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VideoLogic included a manual covering everything required getting your crossfire system up and running. The first pages are focusing on installing the system, covering all the wire connections, followed by a little positioning chapter explaining where and how you should proceed on positioning the satellites for better performance. Nothing is missing; the manual includes exactly what we would have expected.

Nothing to complex in the installation process. VideoLogic included three 6-feet long wires, two are used for the front satellites and the third for the subwoofer, 6-feet long should generally be enough for most unless you plan extending the front satellites on walls or on specialized stands. For the rear speakers you get two 20-feet long wires. As our test was done in a 14x12 room, we didnít have any problems in the scene.

Your next step will consist in relying the wires with the speakers and the amplifier, as always donít forget that the white part of the wire is the (+) so it goes in the red plug. When you will have everything connected plug in the power source and-turn the power switch behind the amplifier on. The blue light on the front of the amplifier should light up. When you have everything ready you will need to position the satellites as the manual recommends it. Itís recommended to place them in a squared position but if your desk or room wonít let you costumize it that way you might want to take a look at the manual for other tips to get the full performance of 3D surround.

Audio Impressions

Our little test was performed on a Diamond MX400 sound card in a 14x12 room. We decided to run an MP3 file encoded at 160kpbs. The MP3 of choice was the animal song performed by Savage Garden. The results were simply outstanding. The output was reproduced very clearly and sharply in a very natural way. The Subwooferís bass output was amazingly high, everything felt so real that you could hear and feel every single drum beat. You actually had this live feeling! As you were attending a concert hall.

We then decided to reach the maximum volume of the amplifier and the sound card, the speakers were still outputting a clear and crisp sound. The subwoofer was also reproducing amazing bass beats, enough power to shake the windows of the house and close in blowing them off. The audio quality of these little 3" Audax drivers is simply outstanding! And trust us, turning the siroccoís crossfireís to the maximum volume capacity is not a simple game. You better make sure your house is solid enough! Good luck for people living in apartments

Negatives (-)

Not much negativity can be sorted out on the sirocco crossfire system, but we did menage to find some simple aspects that could be considered important for some customers. Our first recommendation would be to include speaker grills on the satellites, if you have kids at home this would definitely be a must. Our second recommendation would be to include wall mount options for the satellite speakers, this could get handy for most as some wouldnít feel comfortable throwing another $50USD for two optional stands for the rear speakers.


The Sirocco Crossfire is the most expensive 4.1 setup ever tested here at Target PC, not only itís the most expensive but itís also the most powerful 4.1 solution on todayís market. The Sirocco Crossfire is not just a simple PC speaker set-up; itís serious hi-fi equipment. Selling around at an estimated $350USD will unfortunately limit these speakers for people with the money. Some minor improvements touching the exterior aspect of the satellites could be done as adding mount wall support and adding protection grills on the satellites, but absolutely nothing could be improved in the audio output; itís as rich as It can get. The Crossfire speakers are the richest 4.1 set on todayís market, and money is not a matter. We are delighted to give this product a 9/10 and our very first Editorís Choice Award for a speaker set-up.

Oleg Mitskaniouk


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