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The Subwoofer is the biggest part of this six piece audio system; it measures 228mm (W) x 406mm (H) x 325mm (D). Its using a 6.5-inch magnetically shielded woofer capable of frequencies between 50 Hz to 200 Hz, the unit coupled with the DigiTheatre setup is rated to output 25W. The Sub features a built-in amplifier capable of 62.5W of output power. The Sub features all the RCA speaker inputs used for connecting the DigiTheatre decoding unit. In addition, it includes an optional Aux input to connect a stereo source using a standard mini-jack cable; at last, you have all the direct speaker outputs.

Back view of the SubWoofer's built-in Amplifier

The Front of the sub features a little control panel on the upper right. You have the power switch meant specifically for the sub, following is the volume knob and the two little rounded buttons. First is the input selector (aux-dvd), itís used to choose the input audio source between the RCA inputs and the Aux input. Second is the Dvd mode selector; its used to choose an audio mode. You have two different choices; The stereo mode-which will disable the center speaker and use the front and surround units; the sound from the front will be duplicated to the back. The AC-3 mode is using all the speakers including the center one.

Control Panel on the sub

Each Speaker is estimated to output 7.5W of Power except the Subwoofer that is rated at 25W.

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