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An informative installation guide is bundled with the videologic DigiTheatre kit. The installation process went without any problems or surprises. Our first recommendation would be to find a definitive place for the speakers and make sure the audio wires are long enough. They should be for most. The wires for the surround speakers are over 20 feet long and for the front ones around 6 feet long, it uses standard OEM quality wires, compared to the Sirocco Crossfire set who was using top branded quality wires.

When you find a position for the speakers, you can proceed relaying them to the subwooferís built-in amplifier. Simply connect the wires to the external audio connectors of the sub, and then proceed plugging the subwoofer into a power source. When these steps have been completed, you are ready to proceed to the next level, which is focused on installing the DigiTheatre decoder. Take the DigiTheatre decoder and connect it to a power source using the included DC adapter.

When completed, take the included 9 pin DIN to RCA phono cable and plug the 9 pin side to the DIN port on the DigiTheatre, the other side featuring the RCA outputs goes in the subwoofer RCA inputs. The extremities of the RCA plugs are a little bit extracted from the main DIN cable. Each RCA cable has it own color and is labeled differently; each one operates on its own channel so itís important to correctly plug them in the right RCA inputs.

When these steps have been completed your DigiTheatre setup is almost ready to roll. The last step consists in inputting the audio source to the DigiTheatre unit. You can use the ANALOG RCA ports which will offer Great Dolby Pro Logic decoding or the Digital ports to enjoy the Dolby Digital (AC-3) mode. The DigiTheatre includes two different digital inputs; the first is the COAXIAL input, videologic included the COAXIAL cable in the kit and second is the Optical input, in overall providing similar results. Note that no Optical cable is provided, as itís the one less used these days.

The DigiTheatre is now completely set, to continue put the volume to a medium level and press the test button on the decoder box. The test feature is an audio channel tester. By pressing this button one time the indicator on the decoderís LCD panel will start flashing and you should start hearing a hissing sound starting from the left speaker. A few seconds later it will transfer to the front right speaker, then surround left, surround right, center and finally to the subwoofer. When every channel has passed the test you are set, if you use an ANALOG connection press the Input button on the remote control to switch modes from AC-3 to Dolby Pro Logic.

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