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Altec Lansing

Altec Lansing had a few new speaker solutions on the show floor. First is their 251 Model which is a low cost 5.1 solution that will run for an interesting 100$. Unfortunately the picture of the 251 model didn't come out.

Their XA3051 model is their new 5.1 solution targeted towards the gamer. The XA3051 spots an interesting design and will run for 200$


We visited NXT in their private suite at the Bellagio hotel, NXTs business is the invention, patenting, licensing and marketing of enabling technologies in audio and speech. The company is claiming to set a new world-standard in loudspeakers.

Can you believe that this is a speaker? NXT made this demo to demonstrate how far they can go with their technology. The setup was running under a 5.1 environment and overall was offering an impressive sound quality.

SoundVu is a further development of NXT's SurfaceSound technology which enables the design and construction of completely transparent, ultra-thin loudspeakers that bring sound and vision together.

SoundVu technology can be applied to a wide range of transparent materials, from polycarbonate plastics to laminated and tempered glass, to create a wide range of display devices that can also function as loudspeakers - computer screens, projection televisions, PDA's, cellular phone displays and much more.

We personally heard speakers based on the NXT technology and must say that we were quite impressed of the results, especially in laptops. Their technology offers lower power consumption, take much less space and offers better sound in todays laptops.

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