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D-Link had some interesting products to show off at this year’s CES. First they had their new low cost digital camera solution; an improvement over their previous DSC 350 model which we reviewed a while back. The 350F offers improved image quality, smart card and a cleaner design; the 350F will start at an interesting 49$ USD.

Another new video based product they had on display was their DCS 1000 Internet camera, this is a security camera featuring a built in client, wireless 802.11b support, Java and Active X features for video receiving on a browser. The D-Link DCS-1000 VGA Network Camera can be set to stream video from 160x120 up to 640x480 pixel resolution at 24-bit RGB color. Built-in automatic gain control and white balancing give a hands free operation, without the need for tweaking settings on the camera, the DCS 1000 will be available at 279$.

They had their newest MP3 players on display, the DMP 210 and 220 models are their newest MP3 players spotting a new, smaller and more stylish design.

The DMP CD200 is their soon to be announced CD MP3 player supporting IT3 tag and featuring 2mb of memory for an improved anti skip technology and longer battery life.

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