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Intel had a quite large booth at CES full of Pentium 4 systems running at 2.2GHz.

Two Pentium 4 laptops were on display. The Intel representative at the booth wouldn’t tell us the MHz, so I tried to open the My Computer properties to see. Of course, he immediate saw what I was doing and stepped in front of me. However, he did say that they are 1.5 GHz plus. Considering that they are based on the .13 micron process, I would bet they we’re running higher.


Here is an expensive Phillips DVD+RW. Pictured are the 1500 and 1000 models.


Yamaha had their DVD+RW solution on display as well, pictured is the prototype of the DVD-R2000.


Panasonic had their DMR-E20S and DMR-E20K models on the display. Both units support DVDR and DVDRAM writing.

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